Yokewood WPC Guardrail Introduction

The Yokewood WPC Guardrail is not like the single style iron guardrail. In appearance, WPC guardrail is more plastic, and it has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat and moisture resistance, and termite resistance. This is a wooden guardrail can not match. It is suitable for use in different regions.

Garden barriers, road fences, municipal fences, private villas and garden fences, etc..

Decorative, simple protection as the main purpose.


  1. High environmental protection: no heavy metal ingredients, no benzene, 0 formaldehyde, lower than E1 emission standards, no toxic gas, the real high environmental protection materials.
  2. Energy saving: effective use of natural resources, protection of the ecological environment, with insulation and sound insulation function, reasonable application can improve the daily energy application function.
  3. Weather resistance: the absorption rate of water is almost zero, not mildew, no decay, no crack, has strong acid and alkali resistance, outdoor natural conditions, the use of its characteristics does not change.
  4. Flammability: without combustion supporting characteristics, self extinguishing from combustion, no open flame after combustion, no toxic gas production.
  5. Insect prevention and ants: wood fiber wrapped by polyester polymer, does not constitute the attraction of moths and termites, effectively eliminate insect harassment.
  6. Easy maintenance: application performance is stable, easy to take care of, convenient maintenance, save maintenance costs.

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