* Vyokewood have 3 kinds of the Decking Floor: Normal one Layer ,Japan WPC Co-Extrusion And Latest Modified Co-Extrusion.
* Vyokewood Team Invite Japan Technical Director”Taikai Yabo” who is with 30 years WPC experience to do the technical guidance.
* Vyokewood Raw material are imported from Japan. Wood Fiber is the top class poplar.

Japan WPC Co-Extrusion
V.Yoke Wood bring in the Japan advanced co-extrusion technology, adopt the inner and outer extrusion at the same time. One- Stage molding, strive for inner and outer layer of fusion as a whole. Unique material surface materials, compare with the first generation products, Three times higher in the antioxidant, Anti-UV promoter, antiseptic substance and high weather resistance toner.



Product Installation:

  • Keep the joist on the even surface
  • The largest distance between the joist should be less than 380mm
  • Two joists is necessary when the ends of the decking meet, and keep a little gap between the ends for the scalability
  • All decking must be fixed vertically to the joists


Project Show:





Latest Modified CO-Extrusion:
With the diversification of the market demand, V. Yoke wood Actively explore new technology CO Extrusion. Upgrade and improve on the basis of the second generation of the products, Develop a new technology that will be higher wear resistance , higher color retention, long term stability is not easy deformation Co extrusion WPC -Floor ——Modified CO-Extrusion WPC Floor. This floor surface layer, adding 100% modified resin materials, High abrasion resistance, anti fading, high hardness, strong anti pollution ability, non-toxic environmental protection, it is a collection of beautiful and practical in one of new products.

Loading Information:
Type of container:20”Container
Pallet dimension:2.04*1.04m
Qty/ pallet:260PCs
Net weight:13000kg


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