Project Name: Dalian Lvshun West Road Suite Villa

Products used: XYQB-Q01

Project introduction: What is the highest state of living? Heidegger, a German philosopher, thinks it is “poetic dwelling” from the perspective of existentialism”. Means Rising to a high level of aesthetic appeal. Many architects think that Integrated WPC house will be the choice of the future life. Exterior wall of integral Villa use long Anti-weathering WPC wallboard to do the design. Compared with the traditional wood wall building materials WPC wallboard have obvious advantages. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, waterproof, moisture-proof, heat insulation, not easy to deformation, flame retardant, fire protection, earthquake resistance and so on. Because of the special physical characteristics, wall panels of different sizes can be chosen according to different regions and climates, truly realize the customized production, it can effectively reduce the cost of construction and construction. Its surface has imitate wood craft and is very special. It can custom colors and fancy according to the specific requirements of architectural design, and make up different wood pattern design and different color, make it have natural wood texture.

Project Show: